Investment Planning
What is it?
If your finances allow you to retain more income after paying for the costs of living, you may be able to have that spare income do the work for you by investing in a financial return. Setting goals, designing an investment portfolio, and selecting specific investments is all a part of this process to growing your assets.


Annuities designed to address investment challenges and help pursue financial independence. Annuities provide growth, income, legacy planning and tax-advantages. We do not provide tax advice. Consult your tax advisor.

Variable Annuity

An insurance-based contract between you and the issuer. You pay premiums with after-tax dollars, your money is invested as you select. Earnings accumulate tax-deferred, and they are taxed as ordinary income when withdrawn.

Fixed Annuity

In exchange for a lump sum of captial, a fixed annuity allows for the accumulation of captial on a tax-deferred basis. The insurer credits the policy with a guaranteed fixed interest rate in addition to guarantee of principal. All guarantees are by the issuing insurance company and are subject to the claims paying ability of the insurance company.

Fixed-Indexed Annuity

For those who seek long-term saving option, a fixed-indexed annuity provides options that would protect the principal in a down market while allowing opportunity for growth. There is more growth potential with a fixed-indexed than a fixed annuity, in addition to less risk and less potential return than a variable annuity.

Mutual Funds
Enabling investors to pool their money together into one managed investment, a mutual fund is an investment security. Mutual funds may invest in bonds, cash, stocks, or a combination.

College Savings

Whether you are a parent hoping to unlock a child's potential, a young professional looking to embark on a new career or a recent retiree pursuing a lifelong passion, Hocking Valley Financial Solutions offers the tools to effectively save for your educational goals in a smart, tax-advantaged manner.